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About Us

After 18 years of law practice, Ms. Dvortsin has decided to start providing much needed services to attorneys and law firms. She successfully ran her own firm almost her entire legal career.

Ms. Dvortsin was able to successfully market herself to provide services to thousands of clients throughout her career. She knows how important marketing is to the success of solo practitioners, small firms, medium, or large firm. She is also keenly aware of the how important it is to save on advertising and personnel costs, especially in challenging economic times.

Therefore, Ms. Dvortsin is confident that she can provide the services that many solo attorneys, small firms, medium sized firms, and even large firms require.

Ms. Dvortsin’s and staff hope to be able to assist you with your marketing and appearance attorney needs for many years to come.

We value your business and your time, and look forward to a fruitful and rewarding professional relationship.